Editing Services

The written word is an art form. Let me help you perfect it!

Looking for a second pair of eyes to review your manuscript? Every writer benefits from a second opinion, whether you’re an experienced author with several books out or whether you’re an aspiring author dreaming of seeing your name in print.

My specialties include Young Adult and Middle Grade Fiction with select Adult Fiction. I am not looking to review works that include excessive profanity, gore, or sexual scenes (think R-rated films). My preferred genres include fantasy, science-fiction, historical fiction, and contemporary. I do not read romance or horror. For a list of some of the books I consider top quality, check out my Treasured Books list.

List of Services

The following services are subject to discounts* and time restrictions.** For the average novel (60,000-80,000 words), I would estimate $2 per page ($600 for 300 pages) with a Times New Roman, 12-point font format. For a short story (12,000 words or less), I would estimate $0.025 per word. Please contact me for a full estimate of the cost of your manuscript. I offer the following services:

Full Edit
Includes structural and copy editing and proofreading. See below for further details.

Structural Edit
Focuses on structural and content editing, including, but not limited to, plot and character development.

Copy Edit
Looking to hone your writing style? This edit focuses on grammar, punctuation, and word choice.

Done with most of your editing and need one last set of eyes before publication? This edit focuses on final formatting and mechanical errors (spelling, word choice, et cetera).

*Military and Student Discount: 15% off!
**If your manuscript requires an accelerated edit (e.g. one month or less) I reserve the right to charge extra to meet your deadline.

My desire is to benefit writers, particularly those in need of an editor or proofreader. Let me help you hone your craft!

Interested in having me edit your manuscript? Feel free to get in touch by filling out the following form:


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