LMK Series: Main Characters

Rhona Farlane (ENFJ) #RhonaFtweets

“Just because something’s forgotten doesn’t mean it never existed. History may forget our names, but that doesn’t mean we never lived.”
Not only is she apprentice to the Master of Deep Memory, but nineteen-year-old Rhona is also his only daughter. As a dedicated Progressivist, she advocates for the unity of the five races despite their differences. Trained as a diplomat since she earned her apprenticeship at age sixteen, she’s brilliant with history and memorization of facts, though she struggles to understand the differing viewpoints of others. Although she acts like Finley’s plans are ridiculously reckless, which they tend to be, she enjoys them and wishes she could be so clever. 

Ellard Coburn (ISFJ)

“I realized I could never be like the heroes of old who’d achieved great feats and lived to a ripe old age. I’d only lived because I was a coward.”
The son of a stable hand and a horse trainer, twenty-year-old Ellard became apprentice to the Master of Memory Communication based on sheer skill and determination. Born to a family of Progressivists, he has two younger sisters, Tyree and Skye. Although he’s not very assertive, he knows his craft. When he’s not diligently studying Communication techniques or tending the falcons or messenger pigeons, he can be found trailing along with Finley and Rhona on another radical adventure.

Finley Craig (ESTP)

“Master Fleming wouldn’t have it. Said I had to focus on my studies. As if I weren’t already an expert.”
Born into a long line of physicians, twenty-year-old Finley followed in his father’s footsteps by becoming apprentice to the Master of Memory Restoration. Raised among Traditionalists, he took up the same politics, preferring the way things have always been done. Or so he claims. In reality, he likes to question the rules and push boundaries. A brilliant learner, he takes to Memory Restoration with ease and proposes visits to forbidden locations to alleviate his boredom and sate his curiosity.

Anya Zalesky (INFJ)

“You might not like it now. But you were born for it.”
Daughter to Shape-Shifter townsfolk, twenty-one-year-old Anya grew up in her parent’s shop in the Northern Mountains. But when she’s not helping run the shop or painting matroyshka dolls, she’s stealing away on secret missions as one of the Libertarian’s most-feared assassins. Even though she appears to be transparent with her emotions, she’s known for her bloodlust and cleverness to conceal her ultimate plans even around her most trusted allies.

Jahan, son of Elam (ISTJ)

“Loyalty runs deep among my people, or rather what’s left of them. But there is something my brother fails to grasp—loyalty to what’s right. Loyalty to the truth.”
Second born in a family of nine and raised among Meridians, twenty-five-year-old Jahan is one of the last of the pureblood Lightning Wielders. He likes to tease little his sisters and watch them grow, but he’s closest in age to his brother Navid, his elder by a year. Together they set out on a quest to find the lost City of Light, home of their ancestors. Although he tends not to reveal his fears or emotions, he feels a strong devotion to his family and his friends and would do anything for them.

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