The Exiled Messengers (Last of the Memory Keepers, Vol. 6)

“We must always hope, for without it, how can we write the future?”

Ellard has turned Traditionalist and joined forces with Finley with the hope of establishing a colony for the refugee Memory Keepers. But few are willing to listen to the ideas of previous outcasts. What’s more, even his littlest sister has befriended a young Meridian, and Ellard no longer knows who he can trust.

Meanwhile, Rhona is wrestling with feelings of abandonment while she and Jahan struggle to find their way back to civilization. But they’re not just responsible for themselves anymore. Being trapped with eight Shape-Shifters, six of whom have short-term memory loss and one of whom would like nothing more than to see her dead, may be more than Rhona can handle. Yet she’ll have to if she ever hopes to make it out of the desert alive. 

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