Works Published


“Beneath the Surface”

What do you do when dragons aren't the only monsters in the world? As the daughter of the chief, Mayra has always had to live up to everybody's expectations. But when a horde of pterosaurs attack on wash day, she is forced to take a stand. Check out my latest flash fiction piece on Splickety's Lightning Blog!

Last of the Memory Keepers 

Rhona Farlane is among the top three apprentice Memory Keepers and an advocate for the unification of the remaining three races. But some days, she feels like she’s the only one willing to put in enough effort. Her closest friends, Finley and Ellard, are either too reckless or too reserved to make a positive impact on the world, and her uncle doesn’t even believe she deserves her apprenticeship.

Determined to make a difference anyway, she joins her father on her first diplomatic mission in the Southern Rim where negotiations are going smoothly. Perhaps too smoothly. Then a tragedy threatens to cease all negotiations within her lifetime and even start a war. Will Rhona ever be able to achieve unity when everything she believes about her world is shattered? 


A poem addressing social issues published in Particle Magazine for their Spring issue. Be sure to check out the other poems and short stories by some talented students while you’re there! 


“Conrad Schwierin: After the Storm,” “Asher B. Durand: Autumn Landscape,” and “Larry Poons: Untitled"

Three poems based  upon several paintings at the Springfield Art Museum (MO), which were featured on the wall next to each painting. The three poems are based off Conrad Schwierin's "After the Storm," Asher B. Durand's "Autumn Landscape," and Larry Poons' "Untitled." You can read about the poems in an article in the Springfield News-Leader. Admission to the art museum is free to the public, and you can see some beautiful pieces of art while you're there!

“Blue Ribbon”

Victoria wants a blue ribbon and her father's promise not to sell her horse. Can a little boy with Autism change her mind? Read about it for free here!


A short poem published in Particle Magazine for their Fall issue with the theme "Desire." 


“The List”

You can read about my second short story in my post "The List"--Splickety Magazine 3.4 Release. "The List" is featured in Splickety Prime 3.4, their latest Christmas edition, and you can purchase a copy at MagCloud.


“Lamb’s Brook of Life”

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. But real life isn’t always that simple. Or is it? Check out my first story, "Lamb's Brook of Life" featured in Splickety Magazine 1.2 if you are interested in humor, sheep, or both. You can check out Splickety Magazine or download the magazine for free at MagCloud.

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