Short Story Publications


“Beneath the Surface”

As the daughter of the chief, Mayra has always had to live up to everybody’s expectations. But when a horde of pterosaurs attack on wash day, she takes her stand. Read it for free on Splickety’s Lightning Blog!


“Blue Ribbon”

Victoria wants a blue ribbon and her father's promise not to sell her horse. Can a little boy with Autism change her mind? Read it for free on Splickety’s Lightning Blog


“The List”

Edmund Collins wants nothing for Christmas except to get on the Naughty List. And he has a plan for how to do it. “The List” is featured in Splickety Prime 3.4, a Christmas edition, and you can purchase a copy on Amazon.


“Lamb’s Brook of Life”

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. But real life isn’t always that simple. Or is it? Check out my first story, “Lamb’s Brook of Life,” featured in Splickety Prime 1.2. You can purchase a copy on Amazon

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