Current Stories

Current Stage: Querying
Genre: Adult sci-fi, space opera, mystery
Song Inspiration: John Carter of Mars and Bourne: Identity soundtracks

DescriptionCory Bailey is used to working alone. When the Interspecies Investigation, a cross-cultural agency, offers her a position as a linguist, she jumps at the chance to work in her field, even if it takes her halfway across the Solar System. Now she has to figure out how to work as a member of a team if she’s to survive. But meeting with the Tchotovoroc, an alien species resident to the colony outside Neptune, isn’t quite what she expects, and the greatest threat may just be the humans closer to home.

Working Title: WATER SPRITE

Current Writing Stage: Draft 3

Genre: Young adult fantasy, contemporary

Song Inspiration: Kaladin and Subnautica soundtracks

DescriptionAstor Foster doesn’t plan on making any new friends during her last year in Germany. Not since her best friend moved back to the States last December, and not when she is going to move soon. Nobody is more surprised than she is when a family outing leads her to hang out with a girl at the local pool. But there’s more to her new friend than her strange name—Sturm. There’s also her ability to breathe underwater, and Astor wants to know how.



Current Writing Stage: Draft 1

Genre: Young adult sci-fi

Song Inspiration: Into the Spiderverse and Dune soundtracks

Description: coming soon!



Current Writing Stage: Draft 1

Genre: Adult fantasy

Song Inspiration: coming soon!

Description: coming soon!


I’m constantly in the process of writing various short stories. Most of them don’t make it past the “Okay, This Was a Bad Idea” Stage somewhere around page 3. As for the stories that do make it past this stage, you’ll just have to wait and see...

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