Sunday, July 14, 2019

Confessions of a Bookworm Tag and Blogiversary Giveaway

Yesterday was my 5th blogiversary! *throws confetti* *trips over stack of unwritten blog post ideas* Why do I still have these?

What’s new since I started blogging? Well, I went from once a month posts to once a week, which is plenty of fun even if it took some working up to! I fell into a semi-regular schedule of poetry, bookish, writing posts, then a book review, but sometimes I like to change it up. And I started recording my poems! Personally, I like the audio ones because they’re a little less work, but my video ones have gotten more views. Thanks, guys.

What’s in store? I’d like to get more involved in blogging tags, like this one, and I’m hoping to add a traditionally published novel to my list of publications. Since I commissioned an artist to redesign my blog cover, and I’m still enamored with her work, I may invest in some artistic bookmarks. We shall see!

Without further ado, here are some things I’ve done as a bookworm that I may or may not be proud of. Don’t forget to stick around for the giveaway at the end!

What’s the first book you fell asleep to?

That’s easy. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Other Stories. Not that it was boring, I was just tired. Since then, I have fallen asleep to many a book.

What’s the longest it’s ever taken you to read a book?

Unless we’re counting the books I started two years ago and still haven’t finished *cough* The Silmarillion *cough*, eight months. I started reading Moby-Dick in January, 2017 and didn’t finish it until late August that same year. It didn’t help that I borrowed a library copy and had to keep renewing, returning, and checking it out again.

What’s the first book you threw across the room?

I’ve never actually done that because I wouldn’t want to hurt the book. I have angrily tossed a book on my bed or the couch before, though. Another time, I tripped and accidentally threw a copy of Gemina (Illuminae Files, book 2) into a puddle. I feel less bad about that one knowing 1) it had a protective sleeve around the dust cover, and 2) it was a misprinted copy that repeated fifty pages in the middle of the book.

Have you ever spilled anything on a book?

Spilled? No. But I once accidentally got lipstick all over a library book once because the cap came off in my purse. That was… awkward. I still feel bad about that.

Have you ever had to pay a library fine?

No, actually. My local library doesn’t do fines. 😊

What’s an unpopular opinion you have about a popular book/series?

Only one? Hmmm… I’m going to go with the Harry Potter series. People either refuse to read it or let their kids read it, or they thoroughly enjoy it. I find the series kinda meh. *ducks behind the oh-so-convenient pillar before the fans blast me with fire*

Name one thing you do when reading that some might call unusual.

I read the acknowledgements at the end of every book. For one, I like getting the full credit for having read those pages. Thank you, Goodreads. For another, I like to see who influenced the author(s) even if the page lists names of people I don’t know, which can get rather tedious. Perhaps the best acknowledgements I have read are from the Illuminae Files. They’re morbid but humorous.

Name an author you like whose name you cannot pronounce.

Elizabeth Wein. I will read all of her historical fiction! Her name looks simple, right? But how on earth does she say her last name? Is it the English pronunciation Ween? Or the German pronunciation Vine? Send help.

Name a character you like whose name you cannot pronounce.

Among the many, the first that comes to mind is Nimona. Here’s a quick excerpt from my book review: neither my sister nor I can determine how to pronounce the name Nimona. Simple, isn’t it? Nimoa. Minoa. Moana. Pneumonia. Wait… Send help. We’re a mess!

What’s the last movie you discovered was based on a book you haven’t read yet?

Planet of the Apes by Pierre Boulle. I seriously had no idea this was even a book and only discovered it when a friend and I were talking about the movies and she mentioned the book.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done in the name of reading?

Do I really have to answer this one? Fine. I applied to the University of Nottingham’s English Lit program and moved to England rather than face the prospect of having to get a job in the States. There, I wrote it. If somebody had told me sooner that applying to jobs was a faster process than querying a novel, I might not have the degrees I have today. But I’m glad my life has turned out the way it has.

Now for more fun! I tag the following bloggers:
S. M. Metzler @ Tea with Tumnus
Faith Rene Boggus @ A Boggus Life
And You!

Giveaway time! International entrees welcome, so long as you can get Kindle books and/or Book Depository ships to you.

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Let’s chat! What are some of the craziest things you’ve ever done as a reader? Are you a blogger? What are some elements of blogging that you enjoy?


Sunday, July 7, 2019

Poem: Concrete Forest, Paper Meadows

Welcome back to my monthly poem!

I’m feeling a little lazy this month, and I’m going to try out something new: a short intro so you can focus more on the poem. And while there is no audio for the moment, I may add it at a later time. My inspiration: I’m on a road trip, I’m tired, and I don’t want to live in a big city at this time.

Concrete Forest, Paper Meadows

How much scope for imagination
is there really, in this concrete forest?
Here the leaves are made of glass,
and the bark bleeds metal.

It feels like every pane is filled
with this life or that—
memories of her yesterday,
thoughts of their tomorrow—
is there any room for me here?

Give me back the paper meadows,
where the shadows stretch long
and don’t swallow me hours before sunset,
where the corn stalks bend in the wind
and the thunderheads ebb back and forth—
blink and they’re here—
blink and they’re gone.

Sing me a lullaby of windchimes and whistling grass
of raindrops, thunderclaps, and butterfly wingbeats.
Sing me a song under the open stars,
where the fireflies bob and the mulberries grow.

Here my roots can stretch—
there my roots can grow—
but it’s only a matter of days
before the dandelion seeds
let go.


Let’s chat! What did you think of the poem? What kind of area are you most comfortable living in?