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I’m Azelyn Klein (Az-lin Kline), a camp counselor and adventurer who enjoys reading, writing, and all the bookish things—from book-to-film adaptations and libraries to visiting places books were set or written. Though I consider myself an academic, I also enjoy defying stereotypes by embracing sports, from biking to horseback riding and from fencing to exploring castles.

I devour books during the day and make up stories in the wee hours of the morning. Back in 2015, I graduated from Evangel University with a BA in English, and in December 2016, I graduated with my MA in English Literature from the University of Nottingham. More recently in 2018, I earned my Masters in Business Administration from UMGC.

My favorite genres include fantasy, sci-fi, poetry, historical, and contemporary fiction, from middle grade and young adult to the select adult. I’m a huge fan of novels in verse. For a complete list of the books that have influenced me check out my Treasured Books.

My current writing/editing buddies are Xephyr “Peaches,” my fat beardie, and Stiles, the cat who thinks he’s a dog. Thorin “Pancake” Oakenshield, my bearded dragon, and Pfeffer, our German Shepherd, have unfortunately passed. In my free time, I like to tend my plants, explore new bike trails, and study astronomy.

Pfeffer (Photo credit: Michael T. Klein)


Xephyr “Peaches”

Thorin “Pancake”

Enough about me! What
s on your bookshelf? Get in touch with me via Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest. Happy reading!

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