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I’m Azelyn Klein, a substitute teacher and adventurer who enjoys books, writing, and all the bookish things—from book-to-film adaptations to libraries to visiting places books were set or written. Though I consider myself an academic, I also enjoy defying stereotypes by embracing sports, from biking to horseback riding and from fencing to exploring castles.

I devour books during the day and make up stories in the wee hours of the morning. Back in 2015, I graduated from Evangel University with a BA in English, and in December 2016, I graduated with my MA in English Literature from the University of Nottingham. More recently in 2018, I earned my Masters in Business Administration from UMUC.

I ended up with reading glasses from reading way too many books. I regret none of it. Now have reading glasses with lights on them and can read in the dark. Driving through tunnels can’t stop me! Only carsickness can. Please slow down.

My favorite genres include fantasy, sci-fi, historical, and contemporary fiction, from middle grade and young adult to the select adult. Occasionally, I dabble in poetry. I’m a huge fan of novels in verse. For a complete list of the books that have influenced me check out my Treasured Books.

My current writing/editing buddy is Pfeffer, our massive German Shepherd, and I hope to befriend a bearded dragon or two in the near, near future. In my free time, I like to tend my plants, explore new bike trails, and hike around familiar and strange castles.

Enough about me! What
s on your bookshelf? Get in touch with me via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or comment below. Happy reading!

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