Stories in Progress

Here is a list of the stories I am currently working on.

Story Type: Novelette Series
Current Writing Stage: Publishing!
Genres: High Fantasy, New Adult
Song Inspiration: John Powell’s How to Train Your Dragon soundtrack, Ed Sheeran's I See Fire, and Regina Spector's The Call

Description: “We murdered the human race. Now we’re all that’s left.”

Rhona is among the top three apprentice Memory Keepers and advocates for the unification of the remaining three races. And negotiations are going smoothly. Almost too smoothly. Until a tragedy threatens to cease all negotiations within her lifetime or even start a war. Will Rhona ever be able to achieve unity when everything she believes about her world is shattered?

Ellard shares Rhona’s views of unification but can’t bring himself to speak up when the situation warrants it. Until he makes a makes a discovery and a drastic mistake that will change the lives of the keepers forever. Can Ellard redeem his actions in time to preserve the survival of his race?

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Working Title: Just Breathe
Story Type: Novel
Current Writing Stage: Draft 3
Genre: Contemporary, Young Adult Fantasy
Song Inspiration: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Order of the Phoenix, and Doctor Strange soundtracks

Description: Agatha Jordan never expected a used car for her graduation any more than she expected to get stranded in the middle of a corn field during its first drive. She heads to the nearest town in the hopes of calling a tow truck and covering it all up. But the nearest town is abandoned, and there’s more to the Midwest than ghost towns—there’s the North American Labyrinth, the legendary home of the lost. And Agatha finds herself stuck within its never-ending walls where ordinary physics don’t seem to apply.

Determined to escape, Agatha takes paths that will take her to the Pool of Reflection and the Riddle Square to the Summer Inn and the Maze Market. Along the way, she meets with peers and con artists and struggles to separate myth and reality. Because ultimately, before she can leave the Labyrinth, she must confront her past before she can choose her future.

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I’m constantly in the process of writing various short stories. Most of them don’t make it past the “Okay, This was a bad Idea” Stage somewhere around page 3. As for the stories that do make it past this stage, you’ll just have to wait and see.  

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