About Word Storm

What is Word Storm?

Word Storm is my bookish blog for readers and writers. I write about anything from plot-related posts to fandom-specific ones to the latest stories I’m writing. This blog is my way of chatting with and giving back to the reading community. So feel free to comment. I enjoy hearing from readers!

When do I post?

The first three Sundays of the month with 3 unscheduled book reviews per year. Check out my posting schedule* below:

1st Sunday of the month—Poetry
2nd Sunday of the month—Bookish Topics
3rd Sunday of the month—Writing Topics
4th Sunday of the month—Character Types

*This schedule is subject to change because of traveling and/or university assessments. If you’re interested in writing a guest post, feel free to get in touch. I’m open to anything related to book discussions but won’t post stories.

Where do I write from?

Usually my desk, sometimes the couch or my bed. Occasionally, I’ll pop into a cafĂ©. I don’t really have a preference. But, where are these places? Ah, now that is the big mystery! I like to call myself a nomad, so it changes from season-to-season.

Why Word Storm?

Not all writers can wait for inspiration to strike or for words to flow like a downpour, but it is nice when they do. Fiction may also be refreshing, like long awaited rain.

Call me sentimental, romantic, whatever you fancy. Thunderstorms are fascinating. Much like stories. Nobody knows everything about fiction, and writing alone cannot change the world. But like thunderstorms, stories come in contact with people, though not everybody may appreciate either one. You may like stories without liking thunderstorms. After all, tornadoes make great stories to read or write, but living through them… that’s another matter entirely.

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