Sunday, April 8, 2018

Poem: Early Spring

Weird weather can be fun, like when you get an early spring in January and the daffodils pop up and then you get sunburned because why wouldn’t you want to be outside?

On the other hand, it can be annoying. February sees winter return. And then March sees spring. And then the first day of spring is celebrated under a layer of snow.

I just can’t wait for spring to officially be here so I can start gardening again. I already planted my cucumbers indoors and their gravitating toward the window. Even the plants want to be outside.

Until then, I’ll have to suffice with my houseplants, tend my indoor veggies, and think on the warmer days.

Early Spring

I want to call it spring, the way
the sun
             like dissolved
          snow dustings
while the bees zip
            v e
        o          r
       the fence.

Yesterday I donned by trench coat,
turning up my collar to the blistering
Today I opened the doors
                                                let the breeze dance
      for a spell
          as I knelt
on the porch
to trim
winter’s rot
revealed like toys hidden
under a blanket
now melted


Let’s chat! What’s your favorite season? Did you have an early or late spring this year? Or was it on time? Do you have any plans for this season?

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