Sunday, June 3, 2018

Guest Post: Abandoned by Daley Downing

Welcome to my first guest post featuring Theme: Abandoned. I’m taking a writing hiatus for the month, but I’ve scheduled some wonderful guest posts for your enjoyment. They even fall within my regular schedule of poem, bookish post, and writing post!

Please welcome my first guest writer, Daley Downing, who wrote a lovely poem to start off the month.


Abandoned – ghostly, cold, alone
Or, abandoned – peaceful, solitude, freedom

A world left behind, will we ever know why?
Out of necessity, or simply taking a risk?
Do they reminisce of the place they walked away from,
Or does it never cross their minds, tug at their heartstrings, haunt their dreams?

The ravages of war, the demise of a way of life
But it always means we get to start again
New crops will grow on land left to rest,
Rivers will once more run clear and deep

Can we just forget? Is it safe to let go of all we knew, all we were?
Do we need to always carry these pieces with us?

Abandoned – the shell of a building, the shell of a human spirit
Empty space, a chilled heart
Broken hopes, lost roots
A blank slate, a fresh start
Find so much love to fill that aching place

Let go, reach out, plant seeds of grace, growth, trust
Stay strong, move on, or go back
Never allow your faith to be abandoned


Meet the Author

Daley Downing is a blogger, indie author, stay at home parent, former dance teacher, and cat whisperer. When she’s not glaring at her computer or wrangling special needs children, she’ll be found reading, attempting to write more than she did the day before, or listening to Celtic music. You can stalk her at her website, The Invisible Moth.

Let’s chat! What was your favorite part of the poem? Don’t forget to say hello to Daley!

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