Sunday, February 24, 2019

My Current Writing Desk

Though I can write basically anywhere, from an airport lounge to café, I like my desk the best. My writing space may change a lot because of how much I tend to move, so I tend to have preferences—a window for inspiration, enough room for my laptop and a book or two, and a comfy chair. Here’s a quick look at my current writing space from Germany.


This is where the writing happens. Despite my laptop being an evil creature. It crashes a lot and has done so ever since it was brand new. I should’ve traded it in sooner, but alas, I did not. Now that I work in a job with electronics, I know what I’m going to buy next.

Place for mugs, light, and décor

My ceramic vase from Italy commemorates our time in Vicenza and holds some of my spare reading glasses. My mini cactus is actually a pen. The ceramic pomegranate is from our visit to Israel. The light and speaker are pretty self-explanatory.

Place for papers/books/miscellaneous junk

I once had a stack of “important papers” sitting here for six months until I moved them to an end table. I’m so good at this. I like to consider myself an organized person, but paperwork is the bane of my existence.

Comfy Chair

What writing place isn’t complete without a spinny office chair? Mine! This chair makes it easy to face my desk, my door, my window, my bookshelf, and wow, am I dizzy now. The only problem is that sometimes the chair’s arms get stuck under my desk, which might upset my tea. Admittedly, this is probably the worst desk for mugs. I’ve spilled two cups of coffee and one cup of tea. Somehow my evil laptop is still alive. 

Privacy screen

Because what writing session is complete without a little privacy? Granted, hardly anybody comes up to my room on the third floor, and I have a door. But closing my door means I’m either sleeping or getting dressed, so KEEP OUT. The privacy screen, on the other hand, means something along the lines of AT THE PERIL OF DEATH OF YOUR FAVORITE CHARACTER, STAY AWAY.


I used to have my desk facing the window, but then my back was to the door, so I moved it to face the wall and a couple pretty charcoal sketches of Venice. I can still see out my window, though, and I particularly enjoy watching the occasional heron perch on a roof, the shadow of a hawk swoop over street, or the sunset creep up on the sky.

Bookshelf backdrop

On the left-hand side you can see my current To-Be-Read shelf. Not that I am reading any of them. All the books I am reading are scattered throughout my house. In the middle is my bin of candles. Mmmmm, cinnamon! On the right-hand side are my writing books. And on top are just a couple of my spider plants!

Let’s chat! What does your writing space look like? Do you like to write from home or while you’re out and about?



  1. Currently, my writing space is at work. Shhh! Don't tell anyone. I write whilst pacing around if no one is in my galleries at the museum. I am getting a bit better about writing at home, but I don't have a dedicated space for it. It's too small. :/ But once Turner and I move, we'll be making sure we've a larger place and desks. ^_^

    I love the snowflake stickers on your windows. Haha.
    The Venice sketches are gorgeous.
    And your plants having gotten so big since you last showed them to me!

    1. *whispers* I've done that at work before too. But only once. You're secret's safe with me.

      I will be sad to give my plants away before I walk el Camino, but change is inevitable.

      Thanks for the comment, Faith!