Sunday, December 15, 2019

Poem: Copper Coated Autumn Leaves

As I’ve mentioned before, we’ve recently moved into our new house. Recent as in November, but that’s still pretty close to now. Before all the leaves blew off the trees and buried our yard, I sat down before work one day, contemplating my surroundings, and came up with another poem.

Copper Coated Autumn Leaves

The deer come around here,
up where the trees shed
their copper coated autumn leaves
waiting for the oxidation of spring.

Here on the mountainside,
I can hear the wind whisper
to me
while the sirens below
struggle to break
the silence.


Can you hear it?
The twit of the red-breasted
Eastern Bluebird as it perches on a post
—the maw of the doe as it calls to the herd
—the tock-tocking of the chipmunk
that I once mistook for a dripping gutter
—the indecipherable hum of the stars.


Let’s chat! What did you think of the poem? What’s your favorite element about where you live?

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