Sunday, May 31, 2020

Dandelion Symphony: Poetry Collection Announcement (Featuring an ARC Giveaway!)

I have a new project in the works, which I may have hinted at a couple of times now. No, I’m not talking about that secret fantasy novel, shhhh, but rather a collection of poems called Dandelion Symphony, from my time spent living in Europe. Why a dandelion you might ask? The symbol for military brats is often a dandelion because, like the flower, military brats can “bloom anywhere.” That and I like dandelions.


What’s in a poetry collection?

Poems, of course! Okay, okay, I’ll tell. With some help from my lovely readers, I’ve selected some popular pieces from my blog to include. Many of them are nature themed, but not all. I’ve also commissioned an artist to sketch some minimalistic pieces for each section and will soon be commissioning a cover designer as well. Art is awesome—it goes so well with poetry!

Then there’s end notes, which are totally optional. I’m a very wordy person, so I’ve put them at the back in case anybody wants more background on specific lines or terms, complete with formatting for you digital readers so you can click back and forth with ease.


What’s new?

I like to publish print editions with exclusive content. In addition to the internal art and footnotes, I’m also including some poems I’ve never published before. I’ve been saving some of them for a special occasion, and this collection is it!


When is it being released into the wild?

I don’t have a definitive date yet. I released my last project way too quickly, so I’m planning on taking the necessary time with this one. That means, I’ll be waiting on beta readers, bloggers, my editor, and my artists, then proofreading everything and formatting and formatting again… you get the picture.

It must be perfect!

Let’s say September. I’ll keep you updated when it gets closer to being ready. I’d also like to host a blog tour upon its releases, so that’ll be fun! Until then, enjoy a quick sneak peek:


Internal Sketch by Vera


Thoughts of Place


I find

that the first time

I visit a place, I am

drawn to the way

the red roofs slope,

the snow-capped mountains tower,

the oceans lap at the white shores.

Yet the second time,

I see how

the locals meander the streets,

the salamanders navigate the moss,

the acacia thorns guard the sand.

How did I miss it


Living in a place

is not like visiting—

is not like returning

to where I lived before—

for the image

in my mind

of what was

is no longer

what is.




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Let’s chat! What’s the last poetry collection you read? What’s your favorite of my poems?

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