Sunday, April 11, 2021

Poem: Blue

Many people don’t like the idea of “jumping out of a perfectly good airplane.” But, as my dad once said in reference to his paratrooper days, “There’s no such thing as a perfectly good airplane.”

Personally, I have a fear of heights, but I’m also a bit of an adrenaline junkie. I enjoy high ropes courses and rock climbing, and I’ve even been parasailing and paragliding. Perhaps one day, I’ll get the chance to go skydiving. But it is not this day!

Once again, I borrowed this prompt from Julia Garcia’s blog Drops of Inspira. This time, I borrowed the prompt “the color blue” from February.



I’d almost forgotten
the sky was that color

back when I was a child
somersaulting in the grass
wondering what it would be like
                        to fall up

until I couldn’t take the thought anymore
and wandered to where
a servicemember stood
                        in his uniform

Do you know which one
is my dad?

I asked, watching the parachutes
drift down
                        like helicopter seeds

Kid, I wear glasses,
not binoculars.                

He had a point.
I shuffled back to the
bleachers and sat by Mom
until the last of the parachutes

now I wonder
if we’ll ever get a break
from this popcorn ceiling of gray
and what it must be like
                        to touch the blue

one day, perhaps,
I’ll find a clear day
to strap on a chute and board
a plane with the sole purpose
                        to find out




Let’s chat! What did you think of the poem? If you had the chance to go skydiving, would you?

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  1. Aw. This is awesome! I love the story-telling aspect of your poems and this one was really good! Thank you for using the prompt! I loved reading your response and seeing how it spurred your creativity. :)

    Little known secret: I'm terrified of heights, so I probably wouldn't go skydiving. I'm still waiting for things to open up a little more so I can try going up in a tethered hot air balloon. I figure that is the first step before I go up in one that is not tethered. Although, after watching Amazon's Aeronauts, now I'm not sure. That movie was terrifying for someone scared of heights.

    1. Thanks! I had a lot of fun with this one.

      Oooooh, tethered hot air balloons are fun! I went on one in Berlin, and it wasn't that different from being in a building looking over the city.

      Now I'm curious about the movie. Of course, seeing the film Open Water didn't help my nerves when it came to SCUBA diving.