Sunday, March 10, 2019

Guest Bloggers Wanted

This year, I’m taking an extended blogging hiatus to walk El Camino, a 35-day pilgrimage across Spain. So I’m planning some buffer time before and after the trip so I won’t have to stress about keeping up with my blog. Not that I don’t like blogging—I do! I just don’t want to promise a post when I don’t have time to write or when I may be without internet access.

Speaking of travel, I will not be posting next Sunday (March 17th) either.

During the buffer time for my extended trip this spring, I’d like to host some more guest bloggers. Without further ado, please welcome the theme for April’s and May’s guest writers:

Books about a journey.

Whether it’s a dwarfish quest to reclaim their homeland from a dragon or a road trip to meet up with family, tell me about your favorite books with a journey. Fantasy or contemporary, fiction or nonfiction, all are welcome!

Travel writing.

What does it mean to live out of a suitcase? What do you refer to as home when you’ve moved your whole live? What is the difference between being a tourist and a local? How do you share seemingly exotic or ordinary places with people who’ve never been? Whether you’ve travelled your whole life or never left your own country but are an expert on the local haunts, tell me about your experience and your tips for travel writing.


The topics listed are mere prompts. If you have an idea for a post that doesn’t quite fit these categories, feel free to pitch your idea. I’m open to suggestions.

Are you interested in writing a guest post? Feel free to get in touch!

2020 Update: I am no longer looking for guest bloggers.


  1. I think it's so fun that you have guest bloggers whilst you travel! And I really enjoyed last year's posts with the "abandoned" theme.

    1. Last year's theme sure was a lot of fun. Thanks for the comment!