Sunday, April 7, 2019

Poem: Ode to Winter (Video)

I know winter is technically over, but I’m not much of one for following “rules” such as “you must write about a season only when you’re in it.” (Is that technically a rule? *shrugs*) Have you gone outside on spring-like days in the middle of January and gotten sunburned? Or heard about the way it snowed on Easter?

Besides, last month, I went on a trip and took a brief blogging break. This month, I thought I’d tell you about it! My siblings and I went to the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden. There, we got to see the Northern Lights;* we got to go dog sledding and reindeer driving; and we got to groom, tack, and ride Icelandic horses!

The trip had been a dream of mine for well over a year, and now I can cross the Northern Lights off my bucket list. Next on the (ant)arctic subsection of my list: see the Southern Lights and wild penguins!

*Not featured, sorry! I managed one semi-decent photo that won’t be making National Geographic anytime soon.

Ode to Winter

How my fingers froze when we first shook hands,
a gasp escaped my lips from frigid air
as I left the plane, finding foreign lands.

We hurt each other in attempts to embrace—
I scarred your skin once fair, leaving indents—
how my lips froze when I kissed your pale face.

Forty-eight paws across the river’s spans,
and frost formed on my own fur, my own face
‘till I left the sled, escaping foreign hands.

Twenty hooves bore us after dark, this start,
over hills and under skeleton boughs
how my body froze when I touched your heart.

A green ribbon sliced through the Milky Way,
joining stars and folding up horizons.
How my fingers froze when we last shook hands
as I boarded the plane, leaving known lands.


Let’s chat! What did you think of my latest travel poem? Want to see more like it in the future? What’s on your bucket list?

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