Monday, April 13, 2020

Flash Fiction Moving to Wattpad

Happy Monday! Usually I post on Sundays, but out of respect for the Easter weekend, I postponed this one.

The other day, I was double-checking the links on my blog and remembered that the magazine where I first published some of my flash fiction pieces no longer exists. *tear* Yes, you can still purchase the old editions of Splickety, but for now, I have decided to move the ones that were up on their blog over to Wattpad. I may move the ones featured in the magazines as well, but for now, I’ve moved my freebies so you can read them again.

I usually write long-winded stories—the rough draft for my last novel was 88,000 words—but each story posted is a piece of flash fiction, less than a thousand words. I could write subsequent stories for each one, but I like them as stand alones. Enjoy!

As the daughter of the chief, Mayra has always had to live up to everybody’s expectations. But when a horde of pterosaurs attack on wash day, she takes her stand. Originally published on Splickety’s Lightning Blog. Read for free on Wattpad.

Victoria wants a blue ribbon and her father's promise not to sell her horse. Can a little boy with autism change her mind? Originally published on Splickety's Lightning BlogRead for free on Wattpad.

I’m also thinking of posting some more flash fiction pieces that have never been published, so keep an eye out for a dystopian piece! You can follow me on Twitter or Facebook for further updates.

Let’s chat! Have you read my flash fiction yet? Which story did you like better? Any fellow flash fiction writers out there?


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