Sunday, February 14, 2021

5 Reasons to Attend WriteOnCon

I had a whole post written and planned for this week until I remembered WriteOnCon is next weekend! What is WriteOnCon exactly? I’m glad you asked. It’s a three-day, online writing conference that’s super affordable. The baseline entry is $10, but I like the Full Admission at $15 for the Q&A sessions and the workshops.

Here are just a few reasons why I’m going.


1) It’s all online.

Which is, of course, perfect right now! When I was living in Europe, WriteOnCon was basically the only writing conference I could attend. Now that everything in person is closed for the time being, it’s still the only writing conference I can attend. I enjoy it nonetheless.


2) It’s focused on YA/MG/children’s fiction.

I love writing YA. For the longest time, it was my primary target audience, and I have only recently branched out into adult fiction. But I’m still writing YA and have several new ideas in the works, so of course I want to learn even more about it!


3) You can find your niche.

There are many overlapping sessions, which can make it difficult to decide which sessions to attend, but it can also make it easier to find your niche. You don’t have to attend all the sessions and can instead pick the ones you like.

Just starting out on your latest WIP by outlining your novel and developing your characters? They’ve got sessions for that!

Writing your first draft? Yes, that too.

Rewriting? Yep.

Querying? You bet!


4) You can meet people.

Authors, agents, fellow writers, you name it! Each year I attend WriteOnCon, I’ve met new critique partners through the site’s Critique Partner Match, one of whom has even turned into a pen pal (hi, Alicia!).

In some Q&A sessions with authors, I’ve even added more books to my TBR.

Note: they have live feedback sessions for query letters. If you want yours considered, you have to submit three days in advance. So, if you like one agent who will be reviewing queries on Friday, you have to submit by Tuesday.

5) It’s inspirational!

I always come away from a conference itching to write. Last year, I sent out a bunch more queries. This year, I’m hoping to have more energy to do more rewrites.

Hope to “see” you there! 

Let’s chat! Are you going to WriteOnCon this year? What writing conferences do you recommend?




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