Sunday, August 4, 2019

Poem: Fireflies

I find aspects I enjoy in every place I live. In England, I enjoyed biking along the canals and the river. From my last house, I enjoyed hiking up to nearby German castles, and in Spain, I liked listening to the always-distant mockingbirds. 

In the American Midwest, I have enjoyed re-discovering fireflies. As a kid, I used to catch them while visiting my grandparents’ house and when we lived in Kansas. While people here may just consider them another bug, I see them as a novelty, a beauty, a passing moment that I wish I could hold on to, but may one day have to let go. 


Sometimes I wish I could disappear— 
one moment bright and glowing, 
like a buoy bobbing in the night, 


I still exist
                    in the dark 
but here, I don’t have to shine 
—just be. 


Let’s chat! What did you think of the poem? What are some aspects you enjoy about where you live? 

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