Sunday, September 1, 2019

Poem: Origins (Audio)

I’ve been having a hard time writing poetry lately, but I’ve managed to dig up one I wrote in England that fits my experiences lately. New places. New people. New questions. As I’m making the transition from a military community back to civilian culture, it can be hard to find people who understand what it means to move all the time.

At least I am finally out of a tiny hotel room and into a rental cabin while my family is house hunting. With a little bit of breathing room, I’m back to making audio poems! Let me know if you’d like audio for the previous two poems as well.


Is there anything particularly Canadian about a goose
who lives in Maine or the Carolinas, Mexico or England?
Honk a little, girls. Don’t be afraid to let them
hear your voice or see your black-striped faces.
You’re only as brave as your feathers.
Canadian Goose, Canada Goose, where are you from?
Not this dumb question again.
Currently: Mexico.


Let’s chat! How long have you lived where you’re currently living? What’s the farthest you’ve ever traveled?

Interested in an audio version of Fireflies and Concrete Forest, Paper Meadows? Let me know!

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