Friday, September 25, 2020

Dandelion Symphony Release Day!

Fall is in the air in the Northern Hemisphere, except maybe in the southern US. I could go outside and get sunburned if I wanted to, though I did wear a sweater earlier this week. It’s Friday, the 25th of September to be precise, two days after Frodo left Bag End. Do you know what else today is? Release day! Dandelion Symphony is out!

I actually found a dandelion in my yard!


… pages of this life—

these books take root

in the otherwise hardened patio of the mind.


What does it mean to be from multiple places? How does perspective change over time? What happens when a bookworm enjoys the outdoors? How does a situational introvert handle interaction with other people? This collection of poems is an exploration of the life of an army brat living in Europe. From studying abroad in England and travelling in Italy to living and working in Germany, these poems explore settings both extraordinary and ordinary alike.


As promised, here’s a quick video of me reading one of the poems from the book and a clip of me unboxing my proof copy.



Get your copy today!

Barnes & Noble (US, e-book)

Amazon (international, e-book and print)

Signed print (US only)

Let’s chat! What did you think of the reading? How about the “unboxing?” What’s your favorite season?


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